Pssst… Our Trauma is Showing

Our emotional outbursts are often the physical manifestation of discrepancies between personal expectations and our PERCEPTION of our reality. The bigger the disconnect between what you think should be vs what you assume IS, the more irrational we become. See the massive vulnerability here?

What emotional or physical trauma have you endured in your life? Do other people share similar trauma? Do other people not understand your personal fear/hardship? Would you tell them? It’s interesting; I bet the answers to those questions make you land in one political party over the other. Do our elected officials exploit people’s fear and trauma in life for personal gain?

If someone disagrees with us, we should be curious as to why. We should ask what happened to cause them pain. Pull the string; ask them to educate us or educate them. Or… ask them if politician’s personalities remind them of someone who hurt them as a kid. Bullying builds defense mechanisms in us to protect from experiencing it again. We hide our insecurities and trauma to protect ourselves; however, our reactions to situations reveal more about ourselves than we recognize…


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