Two groups for 330+ Million Americans?

We have two political parties to choose from; two options for 330+ million people. Some nights, my wife and I have a hard enough time deciding what to eat for dinner. Add three kids to the mix and shit really gets crazy… do you fight, cause riots, or disrespect people in your family if they want to eat somewhere different than you? How can 330+ million people agree on a “this or that” decision when our nation’s collective personality demonstrates the empathy & compassion skills similar to those of a psychopath.

Social media stokes the fires of division and separation by allowing people to create a digital safe space where everyone agrees with them and no one challenges these views. We’re essentially picking and choosing the information and/or decorations we allow into our “digital homes”. Anyone brave enough to enter the home we’ve built is destroyed and viewed as dangerous.

I don’t know everything that goes on in Washington D.C. You don’t know everything that goes on in Washington D.C. Does anyone really know what goes on there? I doubt it. That’s the problem. This isn’t a sport, with teams to cheer for or against. Elections have evolved into a Super Bowl of Politics, an extravaganza. Masses of people cheering on one group of people for shallow reasons, devoid of logical explanation, often resulting in “I just like this person better than that one”. This isn’t any one politician, party, or person’s fault.

We will never understand each other’s perspective on every issue because we didn’t experience each other’s life in lockstep, side by side, with the same personality, from birth to this moment in history. Politicians don’t understand you or me. Their trajectory into politics is often narrow, without experiences/challenges most of us face. Diversity is often touted and celebrated unless another’s life is so different than ours we can’t empathize with them long enough to allow their experience and culture to REST on policies they find valuable without telling them their life is a lie and they’re wrong. When policies force people to fight, ignoring each other, defending and proving their experience, why are these issues being forced into law by a group of disconnected people halved by an aisle??


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