“All the world’s a stage?”

Imagine for a moment, standing in the center of empty silence; no information for your senses to decipher except the pressure between the floor and the bottom of the soles of your shoes. Suffocating in perpetual darkness, you’ve lost your sense of direction in the absence of light. A short bit of panic subsides whenContinue reading ““All the world’s a stage?””


It’s been awhile since I’ve sorted out the mess of words I have swirling through my mind. I’ve found myself in a new place in my career; new department, new people, new everything. I’ve essentially started over. In a world full of new, I’ve felt an overwhelming need for something old. I can’t really explainContinue reading “Strength”

Use of Deadly Force

This topic, I guess for lack of a better term, is complicated. Friday night, in a small town close to home, there was an officer involved shooting. It’s still early so there are few details; however, as you can imagine, this day in age, there are plenty of people on social media taking sides. Why?Continue reading “Use of Deadly Force”