A New Kind of Social Anxiety?

You know how we get nervous for public speaking commitments, an important sports game, or some other life event? That crazy anxiety where we feel like something is going to happen that will humiliate or hurt us? We don’t have all the facts; we’re filling in the blanks to visualize success instead of failure. Usually,Continue reading “A New Kind of Social Anxiety?”

Pssst… Our Trauma is Showing

Our emotional outbursts are often the physical manifestation of discrepancies between personal expectations and our PERCEPTION of our reality. The bigger the disconnect between what you think should be vs what you assume IS, the more irrational we become. See the massive vulnerability here? What emotional or physical trauma have you endured in your life?Continue reading “Pssst… Our Trauma is Showing”

Two groups for 330+ Million Americans?

We have two political parties to choose from; two options for 330+ million people. Some nights, my wife and I have a hard enough time deciding what to eat for dinner. Add three kids to the mix and shit really gets crazy… do you fight, cause riots, or disrespect people in your family if theyContinue reading “Two groups for 330+ Million Americans?”

Photographer Father’s POV: Pumpkin Patch

My wife and I recently took our children to the local pumpkin patch. During this trip, I mounted a GoPro Hero8 to the top of my camera, a Nikon Z6. I wanted to capture the process I use to document my family’s adventures. I want to share my thoughts on light, composition, and camera settingsContinue reading “Photographer Father’s POV: Pumpkin Patch”

Control motion in your photography with your SHUTTER SPEED

In photography, adjusting your shutter speed is a fantastic way to add creativity to your photos. Of course, you should aim to set your shutter speed high enough to stop motion blur when taking portraits, landscapes, and photos of Fluffy. However, there is a time and place for slowing your shutter to add a senseContinue reading “Control motion in your photography with your SHUTTER SPEED”

Photography from a Parent’s POV

I bought my first DSLR two months before I became a father. It wasn’t something I put a lot of thought into; it was something I felt I needed to be a good father. Looking back, typing that last sentence, I realize why. Being a parent is stressful. Raising children is hard. Raising children withContinue reading “Photography from a Parent’s POV”

Battery Life

Every couple of years when I buy a new phone, during the initial setup I head into my settings and turn on my battery percentage indicator. The default battery icon doesn’t give me enough insight into the status of my battery life… Similar to the fuel gauge in my truck, whenever that little battery indicatorContinue reading “Battery Life”