Pssst… Our Trauma is Showing

Our emotional outbursts are often the physical manifestation of discrepancies between personal expectations and our PERCEPTION of our reality. The bigger the disconnect between what you think should be vs what you assume IS, the more irrational we become. See the massive vulnerability here? What emotional or physical trauma have you endured in your life?Continue reading “Pssst… Our Trauma is Showing”


We’ve all seen the show, right? Or, even better, a real life example? I feel for those people. The pain on their face is difficult to watch, isn’t it? The immense sadness the producer only scratches the surface of for display is a good hook. The history of a person is edited into a 45Continue reading “Hoarders”

“All the world’s a stage?”

Imagine for a moment, standing in the center of empty silence; no information for your senses to decipher except the pressure between the floor and the bottom of the soles of your shoes. Suffocating in perpetual darkness, you’ve lost your sense of direction in the absence of light. A short bit of panic subsides whenContinue reading ““All the world’s a stage?””

Our 2nd born…

  I’ve been a dance dad for nearly 5 years. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve spent my fair share of time at dance competitions, recitals, and conventions. However, in these pictures, while you may see our little girl nervously make her way on stage for the first time, what I saw, through tearyContinue reading “Our 2nd born…”

Catching light…

  Saturday morning, I was sitting at my desk, busy clearing some hard-drive space in my laptop for my next online course. My wife and I have 3 beautiful children, all under the age of 7, so our home is rarely quiet. However, during this moment, over the make-believe voices of Barbie and LOL dolls,Continue reading “Catching light…”